Practical Tips to Help You Build an Effective Social Media Calendar.

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I know what you are thinking; social media calendar? Isn’t content is supposed to be as natural and spontaneous as possible.

Yes, but creativity can also be planned, and what better way to schedule your content than create a social media calendar?

Yes, it is tempting to jump on the social media frenzy, especially with the many trends and challenges. You know what they say, ‘All work and no play…’

Although you look like the kind of person who knows and sees the bigger picture, that is why planning and following a social media calendar is essential. Ultimately, you know your audience best; but if you still don’t, click to see How to Define Your Target Audience. Here are some tips for building an effective social media calendar.

  1. Decide on the best content according to your audience

If you are not new to marketing on social media, knowing what to post is not as overwhelming as it would be for a newbie. While it is tempting to post anything and everything to increase following, targeting your audience is the only way to remain relevant and authentic. 

  1. Think about how often you would like to post

The number of times you post every day is one of the most critical items to plan ahead of time, especially since each platform has different audience preferences. Here are some insights on how many times you can post on each platform:

  • Facebook up to 2 times or more
  • Instagram up to 2 times or more
  • Stories (Facebook and Instagram) up to 5 times or more
  • LinkedIn at least 1 time every day or a minimum of 2 times a week
  • Pinterest up to 5 times or more
  • Twitter up to 3 times or more
  • Look for the Best Calendar and Publishing Tool

Between traffic, unreliable schedules, and just the overall intensity of the workday, it’s natural to get overwhelmed. That’s why you need to find a calendar and publishing tool that works for you. Essentially, this means that you can plan and upload the content, and schedule it for the most optimal times. In the long run, both tools help you track your dates, types of content, and will eventually play a role in your social media analysis.

Simplicity is everything

Whether you run an SME or a large corporation, the answer to social media marketing is simplicity. Simple is relatable; relatable is consistent; consistent is visibility; visibility means a return of investment.


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